Frequently Asked Questions


Tubing will be CLOSED during the summer of 2018 due to a PennDOT bridge replacement project at our property, and the pipeline crossing the creek near our exit point.  


Can we bring in our own tubes?

No, we only pick-up and transport our guests that are using our tubes.

Can we bring along drinks?

You may bring along a beverage if it is in a reusable container (i.e. Thermos bottle) that you will take back out of the creek with you. We cannot allow cans or bottles in the creek due to litter problems.

Can we bring along our dog?

No, we do not allow dogs. Not everyone is a dog lover, and you will be sharing space in the creek as well as in our shuttle van with other customers. 

Can we get out and stop along the way?

The creek runs through privately owned property so we ask that you remain in your tube for the duration of the trip. 

Do you have lockers?


No, we do not have lockers.  We recommend leaving valuables at home or locking them in your car.  We can hold keys at the barn where you pick up your tubes.  Please do not take anything along that you do not want to get wet or lost.  People have lost wallets, keys, prescription eyeglasses/sunglasses, phones, watches, rings, etc.


Do you ever close early?

Yes, we are a small family-run business. If there is inclement weather or it is a cool day with little tubing activity, we may close-up early. If you are planning to arrive right before closing, you may want to call first to make sure we will still be there (especially in May and June).


Will you stay open during rain or thunderstorms?


We reserve the right to protect your safety.  We will close if a thunderstorm looks like it could hit us during your tubing trip or if the chance of storms is high.  However, sometimes a storm could pop up unexpectedly when you are already in the creek.  We cannot get you out of the creek before the exit point if this happens.


We will prevent you from entering the creek if we hear thunder.  If you are driving a long distance to reach us, we recommend checking the weather in our area before heading out or waiting for a day with 0% chance of thunderstorms. It is possible to drive the distance and then be prevented from entering the creek.  

How deep is the water in the deepest sections?

The deepest areas that we have found are about 6-7 feet deep. A majority of the trip is shallow.

Do you supply life-vests?

We have a limited supply of life-vests available for use. You are welcome to bring along your own.

Is there an age limit?

We recommend 6 or older for our regular tubing trip and 12 or older for our kayak tubing trip. You are tubing at your own risk so we ask that you make the decision as to what you feel is appropriate. We wouldn't recommend it for infants or toddlers.

Is there a way to connect two tubes together?

Yes, we have tether ropes available that can be looped through the handles of the tubes to connect them.

How fast is the trip?

Depending on the time of year the trip can last anywhere from 50 minutes to 2 hours. The creek typically runs higher and faster in May and June, and becomes lower and slower as the summer progresses.

How do you know when to pick us up? 

We know about how long the trip takes on any given day. We keep track of what time you enter the water and what time we expect you to exit the water. During the early summer, we try to time our pick-ups so that we are meeting you at the exit point when you arrive. During the busiest tubing times, we will run the shuttle van constantly.

Will we have to wait for pick-up?

Sometimes. If we put several groups in the water within a 15 minute period, we will try to make one pick-up run to get everyone. You might have to wait 10-20 minutes for pick-up if we are grouping you or if it is extremely busy and we are making constant shuttle trips.

Can we stay and have a picnic before or after our tubing trip?

Due to the increase in attendance and the need for as much parking space as possible, we have limited picnic space available.  Safe Harbor Park and Silver Mine Park are a very short drive away and have picnic areas.

What is the best time to arrive?

We recommend arriving early (11am - 12:30pm) to have little wait time and the best choice of tubes.

What is the busiest time of day?

1pm - 3:30pm is our busiest time of day. Saturday and Sunday are our busiest days.

Is there a wait time for tubes?

Expect a wait time of anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour during our busiest times: Saturdays and Sundays in July and August from about noon to 3pm..

Do I need a reservation?

Our kayak tube trip always requires a reservation. 

Our regular tube trip is first come, first served.  If you are coming during our usual business hours, you do not need a reservation. If you are a large group planning to arrive during our regularly scheduled business hours, please let us know so that we can try to spread out our large groups throughout the day.

Can large groups come during regular business hours?

Yes; although, we recommend arriving early (between 11am and noon) so that we can have your tubes back in rotation for the busiest portion of the day. We appreciate a phone call just to let us know that we can expect a group.


What type of footwear do you recommend?

Old sneakers are the best choice. Flip flops can float away if you don't tuck them into your tube while you are on the creek. Going bare foot is always an option; however, the rocks can be uneven and slippery where you exit the creek, and the pavement can get very hot in our driveway.  If you go barefoot, please know that you are doing so at your own risk.




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